nighwalkers delight

For 15 years between infancy and high school Sakano passed the village bridge every day on the way to school and frequently used it as a place to play, but when the evening came this bridge was wrapped in darkness. One day, when he had just entered elementary school, a school friend and he decided to face this darkness. He remembers secretly stealing out one night, with his father’s suit, sunglasses and bag, on a small adventure. Then when he was in high school a girl, who had transferred from somewhere in Kanto, said to him, as They were talking beneath the bridge, “when I pass through this darkness on my way home I feel like it could lead to another world which won’t let me back”, these words at that time were like a torch, illuminating the unseen future, such was their impact. The reference of this work “THE DARKNESS MAY LEAD TO A WORLD BEYOND” is an allusion to this. From that day when he took a small trip in the middle of the night, to now, after the days and months of over 20 years have passed, he again recall my childhood friend at night, and go out on a small trip of curiosity. And with a suitcase of the girl’s illuminating words as my torch – He climbs the bridge.
material: transparent photographs,acrylic board,steel frame, fluorescent light,steel traveling suitcase