MISONOMI is a new kind of miso soup, with colorful freeze-dried ingredients and umami-rich raw miso served on a canvas. By pouring hot water and breaking the fruit, the ingredients will open up and a warm cup will be completed.

We combine standard rice miso, sweet barley miso with carefully selected ingredients, brown rice miso that can be enjoyed by vegans, vegetable bouillon, chin dashi, and nodoguro dashi, and other healthy and delicious dashi and dried ingredients.

Curry soup, potage soup, spicy soup, etc. Each of the 12 unique soups with new flavors that go beyond the framework of so-called miso soup are named like works of art. We hope that the miso soup MISONOMI, inspired by the vast landscapes of the world, the colors unique to each land, and the scenery of the four seasons, will warm your heart and body.