house shaped dream
Greengate Gallery (1998)
media: sculpture
Size: 121×134×209 ( cm )
As the title indicates, “House-Shaped Dream” is project that gives form to the creator’s ephemeral “dream” as a house. Seeing countless scribbles of houses he drew as child for the first time in ten or so years helped him remember some of the whimsical feelings he had as a kid like “someday I want to build and live in a house like this”. Over the course of many years, he tried to recreate one of these houses that previously only existed as a drawing on paper in an actual physical form. In this way the “scribble” became a “sculpture”, and the white sheet of paper became a white space. The piece was created child-sized and true to the original image, so even when looked at head-on in the exhibition space its form still gives the viewer the feeling that they are seeing from the right side like some sort of optical illusion. If you look through the windows you can see the original drawings laying on the carpet.
House falls apart” is 2 channel video installation in which imagery is projected on 2 sides of a house-shaped object. The inexplicable title comes from a phrase written alongside drawings of the creator Sakano’s own house he did as a child. The phrase has been used as an antithesis towards the symbolic sources of identity “home” and “family” that are depicted as having been weakened in this piece. Playing on the front window of the piece is a slow-motion image of Japanese child drawing a picture while other children run around behind him. On the opposite window an image of a man standing on the opposite side of the glass plays. Eventually the man breaks the glass and gazes out at the viewer.
house falls apart
Fukuyama art museum, Hiroshima
Duration: 6min6sec ( loop )
Media: 2 Channel Video Installation
Sound: stereo