visible breath
Format: 5 Channel Video Installation, HD
Duration: 14min30sec
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Sound: stereo
The collaboration project “ELSI ‘Creators Meet Scientists (CMS)’ Project” consisting of researchers belonging to the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) as well as other creators kicked off on March 17, 2017. There have been many collaborations between science and art, but it is not easy for both sides to bear fruit in both forms. This project aims to achieve this and to jointly create new values and innovations for society. 
The Tokyo Institute of Technology Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) (hereafter referred to as ELSI) has taken up a grand research theme-“Exploring the origins of the earth and the life on it at the same time.” This theme, which is one of the most universal subjects for mankind, broadly stimulates the intellectual curiosity not only of researchers but in all of us. However, the hurdle for understanding cutting edge research is not low at present. Because we have few opportunities to view academic presentations and papers in the first place, and many of the contents are described using technical terms and mathematical expressions, there seems to be a large gap between us ordinary people and the most advanced research.
In the research by ELSI, hypotheses on “origins” from the past will be verified by each researcher’s approach. Each of the research processes deals with objective facts and numerical data, so it can be widely categorized as “science,” but regarding the method for understanding and interpreting those results, for finding the value between these results and other results, and the method for proceeding with research, it can be said that each researcher has his or her own “story” to tell. Therefore, instead of the conventional method of closed output in an academic setting as in the past, the “ELSI ‘Creators Meet Scientists (CMS)’ Project” was started with the concept of telling “scientists’ stories” through collaboration with creators, whose work involves “expression” in various fields.
Okuda Satoshi (Stage expression, Condors)
Tamaki ROY (Rapper, musician)
Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Game designer)
KYOTARO (Drawing artist)
Mitsunori Sakano (Artist)
Kosho Tsuboi (Product designer)
Shizuka Tatsuno (Product designer)
Akinori Hamada (Architect, Aki Hamada Architects, Team Labo)
Fumihiko Sano (Architect/Artist)