beep deep beep

In the three-screen video installation, “BEEP DEEP BEEP”, we watch a Japanese rapper roam through the looped imagery of our consumer society, a figure representing a link between us and the urbanized society we live in, showing us unnoticed imagery of everyday life reflected in swelling droplets of water. The images of indifferent and soulless urban landscape, combined with the solitary rapper seems to portray something of the numbness of existence that we, through rhythm, imagine we are able to escape from . The lyrics speak of forward analogous progression step by step amidst the various repetitions of daily life day turning into night and back again and the workday. However, there are also hints that there can still be freedom if one has the will to take one’s own direction in life and that even repetitive progression can take one around the world and lead to renewal. Created by first filming the images, then having the composer make the soundtrack, and finally having the MC write lyrics while seeing the 3 divided images, this pieces explores the relationship between audio and visual via the various changes that occurred in it during the filmmaking process. 

BEEP DEEP BEEP. The deep wailing sound of an alarm. A poem inspired by our wandering. The images depicted by my friend and I, after a night of wandering Tokyo, from the title: BEEP DEEP BEEP. The deep wailing sound of an alarm. At a time when the featureless crevices of buildings were engulfed in a hushed silence, it was then that I decided to make a film based upon this poem of my street-wondering friend. The drawn images has re-constructed. In the repetition of everyday, are we insensitized to the world of the real and illusion? Pursuing the image of a silence enwrapped town, the journey finally leads to the ocean. One grain of sand amongst the vast shore is like our own existence in the city, lost in the wandering eternity of infinite droplets, infinite grains. On completion of this filmic passage, I received another poem from him. A feedback system of image fragments once again giving birth to fragments of words. The fragments of these words are to some like a siren. And amongst these fragments there are those which rang out to me. “Walk, walk, a flatness which waves, and together with the grains of sand, trust your body to the current, part of the night flow” – Mitsunori Sakano
Data –  ototoy
CD / DVD – amazon